Extend your Ops team by letting us step in and take charge of everyday tasks.

Managed Kubernetes

We setup and manage highly available Kubernetes clusters. We architect no single point of failure and failover clustering. Several of such clusters are in use by financial institutions and Crypto Exchanges.

Infrastructure as code

StackExpress setup or converts client's AWS, Google Cloud Platform or Azure infrastructure into version controlled Terraform templates. This safely allows to make infra changes, stable and scalable enviornments.


We use Jenkins, TeamCity, TFS and other tools for Continuous Integration, Delivery and Deployments. This includes setting up QA, Staging, Production pipelines. It helps in fault isolation and quick rollbacks.

Cloud Optimization

Our team has extensive experience in architecting and optimizing cloud solutions. We have helped achieved this for stacks running on all popular public clouds. Sometime cost of our team pays for itself through such savings.

Cloud Automation

We are an experts in automation, auto-scaling, load balancing, regional latency optimization, fail-over and backup of RoR, NodeJS, Java, GoLang, PHP, Java, .NET based app stack running on AWS, Azure and Google Cloud.

Cloud Management

Our 24/7 Cloud Support team is expert in managing application stacks running on public clouds and on-premises. Team receive alerts and resolves DNS, SSL, Infrastructure, deployments, rollbacks and many such issues.

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