Full-Service DevOps

Round-the-Clock Support


Ideal for clients new to DevOps, focusing on essential tasks for streamlined development. Plan includes 24/7 monitoring and incident response.

$2,000 per month
60 hours per month


Suited for clients with exisiting app stack or needing new with more emphasis on automation and best practices. Plan includes full-scale monitoring and response.

$3,000 per month
80 hours per month


For clients seeking comprehensive DevOps expertise and advanced automation. Plan also includes custom monitoring and incident response.

$4,000 per month
100 hours per month
Routine Tasks performed by Stackexpress
DevOps Tasks
Source Code Repository Setup

Setting up a robust version control system, such as Git, to promote transparency, parallel development, accountability, and efficient workflows in code management and version tracking

Automated Testing Implementation

Implementing automated testing procedures to proactively identify common coding errors in the early stages of development, enhancing development efficiency and code reliability.

Deployment Automation

Streamlining the initial deployment process to achieve more efficient software releases, optimizing deployment workflows and ensuring reliable deployments.

Continuous Integration (CI) Configuration

Setting up a comprehensive CI pipeline to automate code building, testing, and validation, ensuring seamless integration and code reliability.

Performance Optimization Recommendations

Identifying and offering guidance on strategies to improve system speed and efficiency, leveraging initial monitoring and analysis for optimized performance.

Optimized CI/CD Pipeline

Automate your application's build, test, and deployment processes with a tailored CI/CD pipeline, ensuring swift and dependable releases.

Security Integration

Implementing advanced security measures, code analysis, and access controls to fortify your application and safeguard your valuable data.

Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC)

Utilize Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) practices to efficiently and consistently provision, manage, and scale your infrastructure for enhanced operational efficiency.

High Availability

Ensuring high availability for your tech stack during system failures by implementing redundancy, load balancing, failover mechanisms, data replication, and other strategies. Our goal is to guarantee uninterrupted service and rapid recovery in case of unexpected events.

Monitoring and Analytics

Utilizing a suite of advanced monitoring tools, including Prometheus, Grafana, ELK, New Relic, Datadog, Zabbix, and more, to proactively detect issues, optimize performance, and plan for capacity expansion within your infrastructure.

Custom DevOps Automation

Developing custom automation solutions, including scripts and tools, to address unique requirements and unconventional challenges within your DevOps environment. These tailored solutions are designed to optimize workflow efficiency, simplify tasks, and enhance overall productivity. By tackling complex problems and offering scalability, custom DevOps automation provides a competitive advantage and ensures a seamless and efficient DevOps pipeline, setting you apart from standard DevOps tasks.

Multi-Cloud Management

Efficiently manage and optimize complex multi-cloud environments, providing a seamless operational experience across diverse cloud providers. This specialized service goes beyond standard cloud management tasks, ensuring that your organization can harness the full potential of multi-cloud setups. It involves orchestrating resources, optimizing costs, and implementing robust security measures to deliver a multi-cloud strategy that sets your operations apart in terms of flexibility, resilience, and strategic advantage.

Advanced Security and Compliance

Implement comprehensive security practices and maintain compliance with industry-specific standards and regulations through advanced security and compliance solutions. This specialized service surpasses standard security measures, addressing your organization's specific security requirements. It involves the deployment of robust security frameworks, conducting thorough assessments, and ensuring adherence to industry standards—all with the aim of fortifying your operations and safeguarding your data. By offering a customized approach, this service ensures that your security posture remains strong, resilient, and adaptable to evolving threats and regulatory changes.

Global Load Balancing

Configure global load balancing and traffic routing for worldwide applications, delivering an exceptional user experience across the globe. This specialized service goes beyond traditional load balancing tasks, ensuring that your applications are seamlessly accessible from anywhere. It involves the setup of advanced global load balancing strategies, smart traffic routing, and robust failover mechanisms to guarantee optimal performance and availability, regardless of the user's location. By prioritizing a customized approach, this service enhances your application's global reach and ensures a consistent, high-quality user experience worldwide.

Disaster Recovery Planning

Create robust disaster recovery plans and strategies to mitigate downtime and data loss in the event of unexpected incidents. This specialized service goes beyond standard planning, tailoring disaster recovery solutions to meet your organization's specific needs. It involves the development of comprehensive disaster recovery frameworks, risk assessments, and continuity strategies to ensure seamless business operations during disruptions. By providing a customized approach, this service guarantees business continuity, safeguards critical data, and minimizes the impact of unforeseen events on your operations.

Performance Optimization

Fine-tune infrastructure performance to deliver a superior user experience and maximize operational efficiency. This specialized service tailors optimization strategies to your organization's unique needs, involving in-depth performance analysis, resource allocation, and fine-tuning techniques. By offering a customized approach, this service ensures that your infrastructure excels in terms of user satisfaction and operational excellence.

Proprietary DevOps Solutions

Crafting exclusive DevOps solutions that are proprietary to your organization, these solutions are custom-built to meet your specific needs and challenges within your DevOps processes. Unlike standard or off-the-shelf tools, proprietary DevOps solutions are designed to deliver a competitive edge by addressing unconventional problems, optimizing workflows, and enhancing overall operational efficiency. They empower your organization with unique capabilities, ensuring a DevOps environment that stands out in terms of efficiency, scalability, and innovation

24/7 Cloud Support
Response SLA

Implement a high-level Service Level Agreement (SLA) for timely response to alerts related to both your application and infrastructure. This commitment ensures swift acknowledgment and initial action by our Cloud Support Engineers, contributing to efficient issue resolution, reduced disruptions, and sustained optimal system availability.


Configure robust application and infrastructure monitoring solutions to proactively track system performance and health. As part of this service, receive real-time alerts directly on your Microsoft Teams channel, enabling immediate awareness and action in response to critical events, enhancing your operational efficiency.


Implement dynamic scaling strategies, including vertical and horizontal scaling, as well as downsizing of instances, to efficiently manage traffic and workloads. This service ensures optimal resource allocation, enabling your infrastructure to seamlessly adapt to changing demands while maintaining peak performance and cost-efficiency.

Emergency Patching

Execute necessary updates or fixes to address critical security breaches, unexpected issues, or vulnerabilities in software, systems, or infrastructure. This service ensures rapid response and resolution, safeguarding your operations and data against unforeseen threats and maintaining the integrity of your technology stack.

Performance Monitoring

Our team proactively monitors system performance, responding swiftly to alerts and taking corrective actions as needed. We adhere to guaranteed response times, ensuring that performance issues are addressed promptly to maintain optimal operations and user experiences.

Vulnerability Identification

Our experts diligently identify vulnerabilities and security issues within your systems. This includes conducting risk analysis to assess potential impacts. Subsequently, we identify available patches, create custom patches, or develop effective workarounds as needed. Our final step is deploying these solutions to ensure comprehensive security and safeguard your infrastructure from potential threats.

Custom incident management and monitoring solutions

Crafting custom incident management and monitoring solutions tailored specifically to your Tech Stack. These solutions encompass real-time dashboards, comprehensive logging and auditing capabilities, compliance enforcement, detailed reports, and advanced analytics. Our goal is to provide a precise, client-centric approach that optimizes your Tech Stack's performance, security, and compliance, ensuring it operates at its best.

Frequently Asked Question

No. Based on client app stack, immediate and long term goals, we form a client specific team with necessary skills. That team consists of a PM, a Lead Engineer and DevOps Engineers. Client regularly interact with these team members.

In our experience 60 hour are sufficient for most client stacks. More hours may be necessary when whole lot of tasks need to be completed in relatively short period of time. In that case, additional hours may be added in the plan.

Plan hours are expected to be used over a month. In case of some urgency or emergency, hours may be used earlier. Team may also work additional hours if so required. Each team member clocks time spent on assigned task. Report on how hours were used in past month, is prepared by PM assigned to the client. Plans can be upgraded, downgraded or cancelled with 30-day notice.

Yes. In our plans we prefer customer who have possibility to stay with us longer. We do one-off or emergency tasks, however our fees for such tasks will depend on its complexity and urgency and hourly rate will certainly be much higher then in our plans.

Yes. We provide middle and senior level team members on 3+ months contract. Our member work 40 hours a week and covers some hours in customer time zone. When needed team member gets help from experts in team.

Our DevOps team responds to requests within 2 to 4 hours during normal business hours. With mutual agreement DevOps team will be available for some tasks that can't be done during business hours. 24/7 team response time varies and depends on clients requirement. It can be less than 15 minutes. We set up PagerDuty, OpsGenie etc. Team can provide SLA based very high uptime guarantees for production environment . When asked such guarantees are provided after few months of on-boarding.

We serve financial, health and e-commerce sectors that requires SOC 2, PCI, HIPPA, GDPR and ISO 27001 compliant policies and procedures. We deploy multiple layers of security. This starts from secure workstations to external request logging at our office network. We routinely audit our processes, and add tools to strenthen our defense. Our full-time employees sign NDA and other agreements for data security and privacy.

After 30-minutes free consultation, StackExpress will send a commercial proposal. On its acceptance, Service Agreement/NDA to be signed. Soon after we form a team to work on customer’s stack. Our team adopts to customer’s workflow and respond to Slack, Jira, Microsoft Team or emails requests. Time spent is logged in Clockify. Monthly reports are available on request. Invoice is generated every 30-days which is to be paid by Credit Card, ACH, Wire Transfer or Bill.com

We can start work within 24 hours of signing NDA/Agreement. Understanding of application and infrastructure takes time. Depending on how simple or complex setup is, it will take our team a day to few weeks to complete different types of tasks. A gradual ramp up works well with our team.

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