An on-demand DevOps team available via Slack. Expertise with Docker, CI/CD, AWS and more...

We help manage AWS, Docker, Python, Node.js, MongoDB, Jenkins and a lot more, with Ansible, Salt or Chef. To know more, please visit our technology section.

Just add us to your company's group chat and we'll become a part of your team

Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery

Build your Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery cycle. Need some Jenkins?


Get started on Docker. We cover the entire Docker ecosystem, as well as, the rock solid Kubernetes. That's not all! We can even help setup your own PaaS with Rancher, Deis or Panamax

Application and Server Monitoring

Sleep without worries. StackExpress can take care of your deployment 24x7x365! We help setup application and server monitoring via New Relic, DataDog, Nagios or similar service. We are your first face to PagerDuty or OpsGenie alerts.

AWS Infrastructure Management

Need extra hands or advise on how to manage your existing AWS infrastructure Having problems scale without big cost overhead? Want to add some security? Our AWS experts are at it for years. Give us a shout

Application Scaling and High Availability

Scale without worries. We have successfully helped Startups scale. Feel free to ask for references.

Support all major application Stacks

Battle-tested to Bleeding-edge technologies, our highly adaptive DevOps support team, can help you navigate through most major application stacks.
Python/Django/PostgreSQL to Node.js/Redis/MongoDB/ and everything in between, we can help manage!

Configuration Management and Orchestration

We support top 3 configuration management and orchestration tools: Chef, Ansible and Salt. We've even build cloud orchestration tools on top of them.

Experienced, Agile and Adaptive

Our team has more than a decade of experience in Public cloud computing, containers, managed apps and deployments.
We don't push our workflow, or ask you to use our tools. We adapt to your workflow and tools

Case Study

Consultants writing and testing Docker features in Nodejs, Managing AWS Stack with Chef, Redis.. MORE

Runnable, a Silicon Valley Startup with $ 2.5 million in funding, is a YouTube of code. Developers discover, write, run and collaborate code with others in their browser.

StackExpress monitors and fix issues of Hangtime Stack on AWS consisting of Chef, Cassandra... MORE

At Hangtime, a Silicon Valley Startup with $ 3.5 million in funding, consumer discovers events friends are interested in along with other events going on around them.